Which jewel are you ?
We all know our star sign. But do you really know which YAY jewel corresponds best to your sign? Come on, we'll tell you everything.

Aries: you're a #super go-getter, full of energy and pep and your friends love you for it 🥰

You're also very bold and that's what makes your charm 🤩

Your jewelry of the month is without a doubt the Queen Illusion earring

Taurus: you are noticed for your perseverance and optimism 😊
When you want something, you go all out to get it, you are simply a #strongwomen 💪

Your YAY jewelry of the month is none other than the Essential Double Necklace

Gemini: your humor is your daily strength, always in a good mood, you know how to charm those around you to perfection #shinegirl.

Your jewel of the month is without a doubt the Queen cultured pearl necklace

Cancer: your sensitivity can sometimes play tricks on you but it also helps you a lot in your daily life.
You are a sentimental #full, always full of vitality. Quite simply, you're on top of your game! 🥰

Your favorite piece of jewelry of the month is the Queen bouton Pierre bracelet

Leo: Great player and true #sun of your entourage you are also a born enthusiast.

You get everyone on board with your positive mood. Thank you for that 😀

Your jewelry of the month is none other than the fake Queen triple Pierre piercing

Virgo: Your loved ones know they can count on you x1000.
You're a #wondergirl, with human qualities at the top 🥰

The piece of jewelry that is very much like you is the essential hammered ring chain ring (a timeless one from YAY, always true to the post) 😀

Libra: With a very thoughtful and balanced nature, you are an advocate for your #team ⚖️
Passionate about justice you are also a true lover of love 🥰
Your heart often swings (pun intended). #lovelover

Your YAY jewelry of the month is obviously the mini satellite chain creoles cultured pearl

Scorpio: you cultivate a real mystery around you and it's that little thing that makes your charm 🤩
You amaze everyone with your completeness and honesty. You know how to pull out the claws when you need to and that's what we love about you 😈

The Creative Joaillerie double gold and sapphire earring is THE piece of jewelry that is just like you!

Sagittarius: we love your fighting spirit and free spirit, always up for an adventure. Go go go 👌
You are the clown of your #team, a true joke addict. 😆

Sociability? Your #best asset!

Your YAY jewelry of the month: the Queen double multi-colored stone bracelet.

Capricorn: When you have a #goal to achieve, you're a real go-getter and nothing and no one can stop you 🤩
You make a statement with your incredible strength 👌 You are a #killer!!!

The jewelry that fits you is clearly the Swan faceted stone chain ring, a basic from YAY.

Aquarius: you are a born original. You crave independence and freedom. Your ultimate #dream is travel ✈️ You are curious and love to learn new things 😍

For your next destination, consider the ankle chain bells, which is your jewel of the month.

Pisces: With a dreamy and very #arty nature, you love romance.

You are very tender which makes you super endearing 😇
You are admired for your calm and caring nature. You're amazing! 🥰

For you it's the Aquamarine Button ring!