This is indeed a question that arises when doing your online shopping! We try to give you all the necessary information in this article.

To begin with it is important to know that :

  • All of your fingers have different sizes: your ring finger on the right side is probably not the same size as your ring finger on the left.

  • The size of your finger varies throughout the day and throughout the year. For example, fingers swell with the heat: it is therefore common that in summer your finger size increases by 1 to 3 sizes compared to winter. The same is true when you are indoors in the heat versus outdoors in the cold, or in the morning versus the evening... The size of your finger also varies according to your hormones, your water retention, and the atmospheric pressure: for example, if you are pregnant or if you are flying, your fingers will tend to swell during this period.

Because we prefer to offer you a wide choice of designs rather than an exhaustive choice of sizes, and because your finger size is not a fixed and exact data (as explained above), we have chosen to offer you a simplified size system:

XS = is a size 48-49, and is suitable for fingers measuring from 48 to 49

S = is a size 51.5 or 52, and fits fingers measuring 50 to 52

M = is a size 55 or 56, and fits fingers measuring 54 to 56

L = is a size 59 or 60, and fits fingers measuring 58 to 60

If you choose a chain ring, be aware that it tends to grow a little with use. So it is better to take a fitted size.

If you are between two sizes, prefer the larger size, otherwise it will not pass the phalanx.

We offer collections of jewelry that are designed to match without risk. So have fun changing your finger rings with the seasons and enjoy creating new looks!

That being said, here are 3 tips to best choose your ring size:

Solution 1: the yay ring

Print the yay ringlet in A4 format without scaling it back. Check that the document is printed at the right size thanks to the 2cm scale. Then position a ring that suits you in terms of size on the different circles to find the corresponding size. The circle should be flush with the inside of your ring.

Solution 2:

Go to a jeweler and have them measure your size on your fingers directly or with a ring that fits you.

Solution 3:

Measure the circumference of your finger with a wire around the base of the finger. Also consider measuring the joint if it is stronger.

If the circumference is 52mm then your size is 52 👉🏼 or a size S for us.

Be careful with this method because it is only a few millimeters away.

February 07, 2022