Hello nuggets!

Tomorrow is the sales, the first wave of promotion of the year, expected, widespread but also sometimes criticized. Today we explain why yay, a brand made in France that manufactures its jewelry almost to order, is participating in such a promotional operation.

✨ Clear our e-commerce and boutique mini stocks and make room for the arrival of the new collection

As you know at yay, all our jewelry is made by our famous workshop (Paris 3rd) continuously throughout the season and according to your purchases.

Our e-commerce and boutique managers restock every week to ensure that our catalog is always complete to satisfy all your mix and match desires.

To prepare for busy periods like Christmas, our sales geniuses place bets on the jewelry that will seduce you the most.

And #guesswhat: sometimes we get it wrong!

Today we need to make room for the arrival of the new collection in March, and all non-renewed jewelry must find a loving owner 🤗

This means:

👉🏼 To encourage their adoption we are putting this jewelry on sale

👉🏼 Only non-renewed jewelry is on sale. Our timeless them, are almost never in promotion.

👉🏼 Quantities are limited: we do not produce for sales unless we have a stock of raw materials to sell (for example a stone that is not found in the next collection), in this case we prefer to transform these last materials into jewelry!

atelier yay

✨ Make you happy and reach a larger number

Sales, or other promotions, it is also a way to be accessible to the greatest number.

At yay, we have at heart to find the right price for each of our creations. And it is for each jewel a big headache: innovating on our techniques, valuing the handicraft work in unique piece made in France, choosing the most perennial and beautiful raw materials (our natural stones, resistant materials...) and at the same time staying accessible in terms of price 🤯

We do our best but sometimes we know, our jewelry is not within the reach of all budgets.

So we think it's cool during the sales to be able to reach more customers by offering our jewelry at a slightly lower price. So yes it's not all jewelry and you have to be reactive to take advantage of it but it's still cool right?

To discover our selection of jewelry on sale, it's over here!

January 11, 2022