Hello nuggets,

Today is a big day in the history of yay: yay is getting a new look!

After a year 2021 full of evolutions, during which we built a team, laid the foundations of our organization, redefined our values and our mission, we needed to refresh our little ship!

At the heart of yay, there is an artisanal know-how and a mission: to enhance and modernize the know-how in fashion jewelry.

Today, Yay is about twenty pairs of small hands in the workshop, hyper talented and hyper passionate who make all your jewelry in unique pieces and with care.

Our craft is based on the power of the hand, without any machine.

It seemed obvious to us to put these values at the heart of our identity.

What we decided to change :

  • The logo
  • The colors
  • Small graphic details

What we kept: everything else!

Enough chatter, just reveal :

logo yay

This logo was designed by our wonder DA, from the chain links we use for our jewelry.

This raw material used to create our jewelry is a central element of the iconic jewelry yay. An elegant and strong link that joins the craftsmanship with the closeness between you and us!

logo yay

Also, you will often see the logo in a circle, and it is exactly this pastille that you will find on our jewelry:

logo yay

These pastilles are also the opportunity to put the kiff in the center of the graphic creation! We love to put them everywhere and see them invade our supports like small confetti.

logo yay

Regarding the color palette, we wanted to stay on the warmth that characterizes us and reminds us of the burning rocks of southern France. With a touch of natural, soft and enveloping tones.

And for the recommended dose of fun, we have revised our little illustrations:

Ah also, you'll see a series of #yayoflife content pop up, but what the heck?

Yay is everyday jewelry, it infiltrates the body, like an armadillo.

So beyond our beautiful shootings, super well done, we want to leave room for the spontaneity of everyday life. We want to show how everyone appropriates our collections, and see our jewelry in real life.

We really hope that you will like this little fresh wind and that it will participate to reinforce the link between you and us ❤️ #yayislove

February 23, 2022