The Zanzibar collection will be released on Thursday, March 3rd, we can't wait to tell you about this new story!

For this new collection, we once again tried to give everything: color ranges that make you travel, new shapes, innovative jewelry, a whole collection to make your own...

Zanzibar was born from 63 tests of color ranges (photo in support 👇), 254 prototypes listed, 15 tests to offer you the perfect maxi creole (stay mega tuned)... 9 months of gestation and as many hours spent in the middle of pearls, stones, prototypes (there, imagine Alex swimming in a bathtub of jewelry)!

Twenty pairs of fairy hands for hundreds of hours of manufacturing in the workshop, to be able to present this collection to you: let's take off towards a new story to discover from March 3rd!

tests gamme zanzibar

"Back from Zanzibar, Julie came back with her suitcases overflowing with photos and shells! The inspiration for the summer of 2022 was there: pearly treasures with a thousand colors straight from a distant and enchanting ocean. Who says shell, says Venus of Boticceli! Feminine, sensual and voluptuous beauty.

I wanted to take this goddess out of the picture by taking her for a walk on the beach. To do this, we had to innovate by creating jewelry that appealed to the senses: a shell in which you can hear the sea becomes a fake piercing, the wind in the hair agitates the chains and pearls of the ear jewelry, the rolling sand becomes a foot jewel ... The game of sensations was crucial for this collection. These jewels are a living memory of a suspended moment on the beach.

Through the stones, their textures and imperfections, I sought to transcribe the landscapes of Tanzania described by Julie. Breaking news : Tanzanite is leading the game ! With its acolytes Botswana Agate, Kyanite and the very popular Turquoise, it rolls in the waves and plays shell. A final symbol completes the picture, that of the randomly found pearl, which, whatever its shape or color, becomes a ring or necklace.

Our Venus yay, dressed in our Zanzibar collection feels free, happy and sensual!"

Alexandra, creative director

moodboard zanzibar

"Zanzibar is a journey, sketches in a notebook, shells and a few grains of sand at the bottom of a pocket that become a collection. A cocktail of memories, a return from vacation with the desire to create, to wear the kiff in everyday life, jewelry as a journey on the skin. With eyes closed, the tides in playlist, the warm wind draws volutes on the sand; the pearls and the multicolored shells swirl around our Venus version 2022. Guided by the work of color, we imagined four ranges inspired by natural landscapes: lagoon, shell, atoll, and pearl cameos. This aesthetic adventure is also told through new shapes: "waves", "foam" or "shells" models are invited in this collection. I hope that this journey will leave a delicate memory to those who will be guided by our creations.

Julie, the captain


New collection

See you on Thursday 03 March

February 27, 2022