The creation


"It all started with a photo of Julie. A starfish, a touch of red in this blue journey, at the crea, it hits us in the eye! This star calls us to discover the sea bed.

First step: compose the mood-board! This assembly of photos, notes of colors and materials, evokes to Julie what she discovered during her trip: corals with pop and energizing colors, a universe with organic forms, the feeling of euphoria at the discovery of all this psychedelic beauty! The first stones and compositions of ranges are born, the universe is still drawn and enriched, the marine funds appear. At the same time, sketches were made of the organic forms that would come to life by assembling the stones on cables, cords or by hanging them from chains!

Numerous technical tests and prototypes are carried out so that each piece of jewelry reinterprets this dive to discover the coral reefs! " Alexandra, collection manager

Each collection and each piece of jewelry must meet our quality requirements, thrill you, be affordable and adapt to your daily life. A real headache that the creative team loves to solve and often (we can say it), with brio!



The making


The creative team selects the best jewels (and the choice is often very difficult) but it's good, everything is validated on their side, we can go to the production! Two tables away, our entire team of jewelers handcraft each piece with the greatest care. No machines, only the work of the wire, the weaving of stones, the shaping... Each jeweler is trained to the new gestures to be able to carry out each new created jewel. The jewels then undergo a final quality control before being definitively validated and offered for sale.

Our workshop manufactures each piece in small quantities to have a minimum stock for the launch and every day, according to your orders and purchases in the store, we reproduce until our small stock of raw materials is exhausted. This Corail Mania collection is only available this summer in limited edition!


The jewels ready to be adopted


And finally, here they are! All beautiful, all new, and ready to be adopted: our Corail Mania jewelry!

A pop collection of acidulous and energizing jewelry, in limited edition, available now in store and on the eshop 🦀

In this collection we played with cords, super resistant for a hectic summer: in bracelets, necklaces, anklets, versatile they are easy to wear and mix!

Focus on the 3 in 1 jewel: to spice up all your looks, wear it as a necklace, a three-turn bracelet, or even as a two-turn ankle bracelet!

Our new favorite is the flat organic pearl, available as a necklace, ring and arm jewelry.

Yes yes, arm jewel, we still cracked on a new part of the body, we hope you will like it! Just like our fake nose piercing, you asked us for it, here it is ✌️

There is also a fake piercing that dresses the conch and the helix in a single piece of jewelry (following your numerous requests!), mini creoles queen, a duo of ring to dress the phalanx, in short a lot of novelties!



Discover the full summer collection Corail Mania >

July 07, 2022