The earcuff are these small earrings super trends that we also call fake piercing or ear ring.

What you must remember: the earcuff does not require a hole! To be worn at the conch or helix, it slips on the ear super easily and allows to have an original ear look.

It's the perfect alternative to piercings because you don't need to be pierced, you can change them more easily according to your desires and the models are often more innovative and daring.

At yay we are totally adept of earcuffs and we know that you like them too!

Every season we enlarge our collections of fake piercings, we work hard to offer you new innovative designs, and it's the occasion today to present you our favorite models ❤️


Our timeless fake piercings


The majority of our earcuffs are timeless, all gold or silver, to match perfectly with your other earrings, chips, earrings and earrings.

From the simplest (but essential) single sparkle fake piercing, to the Wave fake piercing, if we had to choose only two it would be the sparkle duo and the cross sparkle.

Both in brightness thread, the first one is worn at thehelix and gives the illusion of 3 earcuffs. The second is placed at the conch, it crosses to create a fine and shiny ear ring.



Our fake piercing in natural stones


We find here two 100% yay design : the Queen and Dentelle model.

The Queen fake piercing is declined in each range of the collection and in cultured pearls. We love it to give color to our ear looks and we cumulate it with other earcuffs like the simple false piercing Éclat or the ear jewelry.

Then comes the newcomer of the Zanzibar collection: the fake lace piercing in cultured pearls and its small chain. It uses the iconic yay pearl weaving technique and dresses up the ear in a daring and feminine way.



The false piercing in chain


Both positioned at the helix by one or two rings, they drop a thin chain on the ear. A delicate jewel that brings a touch of originality to the look day and night!

Like almost all our other earcuffs, they are also available in silver!




May 13, 2022