Climbers and yay it's a great love story 🧡

You may know the climber by other names like the ear track or the climbing earring, this piece of jewelry is perfect for dressing up the entire ear with just one hole.

Innovation yay, this piece of jewelry has been an iconic part of the brand since 2017!

As the name suggests, this climbing earring goes up the ear and subtly decorates it with gold mesh, woven stones, or chain drop.

Super easy to put on, just pass the climber through the hole in the lobe and then up the ear. A light pressure at the base to tighten it according to your ear, and it does not move any more!

We can't get enough of it, and we love composing asymmetrical, elegant and original looks with this jewel.

In mini version to complete a look with chips, hoop earrings and chain earrings, or in maxi version, where it is enough for itself. For those who like mix & match, even the maxi ones can be associated with chips or fake piercings.


➡️ Small focus on the climbers of the season!


Our timeless climbers


Your favorite earring, just after our iconic chain earring, the shiny climber has conquered many of you! It's been a brand icon since 2017 ✨

Minimalist and radiant, this is the piece to have in her jewelry collection for light everyday looks or total looks in combination with your most beautiful earrings and faux piercings.


In all gold or all silver version, we also find the new one of this winter, the climber bangs, in small or big model.

Victim of its success, it was very quickly out of stock in our capsule collection La vie est une fête, and following the numerous requests it joined this summer the family of permanent jewelry.

We like to wear it as much in everyday looks as in party looks. Back to back, it can be worn with the bangs in front or behind the ear and with or without small visible pearls. Wow effect guaranteed!



Our mini climbers


The ear tracks also exist in mini version, ideal for a second or third hole, it is a good alternative to small earrings, creoles and chips.

Our two favorites of the collection are the carnation climber, in the colors of Zanzibar, and the pearl climber. Natural stones and pearls for a cool summer look.



Our lace climbers


The lace climber is one of the brand's signature jewelry pieces thanks to the 100% yay technique used for weaving the natural stones and smooth pearls.

Even more daring and original, the lace climber is available in cultured pearls, tanzanite and the colors of the Lagon range. A super feminine jewel that can be combined endlessly with our earrings: it's up to you to create your own looks!

On the team's side, we love it with our fringe chain earrings 💫



Our fringe climbers


We love it when it climbs but we also love it when it dances, so we mixed the two!

Chain bridges for one and stone bangs for the other, these ear tracks add a touch of originality to your looks.



Our 18K gold climbers


We couldn't pass up the climbers in our 18K gold jewelry collection.

Here we played the card of simplicity but still with a little touch yay: the hammered effect.

In mini version that can be worn as climbing earrings or as a small chip, and in maxi version that dresses the whole ear. Surely one of our brightest jewels, how to resist?



March 29, 2022