Hello back to school! 👋🏻 It's time to say goodbye to summer, ice cream and naps... So what better excuse to indulge in a little treat and fall for a piece of jewelry without any guilt?

Like every year, the cultured pearl is the big star of the fall season! A pearl that never goes out of fashion and that goes with all styles of outfit. We've prepared a small selection of our favorite pieces for lasting jewelry looks!


A bracelet look you won't get tired of!


The secret to a successful bracelet look? Vary the shapes, all-gold pieces and those with a few stones, give a little mobility with a couple of beads!

We started with the best-selling pearl bracelet, the Queen cultured pearl bracelet, and then added pieces that will perfectly match this timeless bracelet: the Stella bracelet, the Torsade bead, the Satellite cultured pearl bracelet.




Timeless earrings galore


At yay, there are a thousand ways to create looks with our earrings. Hoops, chips, climbers, mini hoop earrings... we've got all the styles to build original and unique looks. If you want a tip: the safe bet is our earrings all gold or with some cultured pearls.

Our favorite ear look for the fall is mostly composed of mini creoles. The Essential hoop earring in smooth gold wire, the double sparkle hoop earring, made of two sparkling wires, and the button hoop earring, adorned with a cultured pearl woven on gold wire. And to finish the look, if you have four holes, we add the little sunburst chip for a little touch of sparkle!




The must have: necklaces


For a wow-effect neckline or to accessorize your sweaters and shirts, we recommend an accumulation of all-gold yaynecklaces with a touch of cultured pearls. An elegant and timeless look to wear with all outfits.

We opt for the satellite necklace cultured pearls, a timeless that blends with all our looks necklaces, we keep it from season to season! For the new season we associate it with the sun necklace to bring light to the look, and we add a strong piece like the Venus necklace, with cultured pearls and natural stones. The must: fall for the Auréole body jewel for a 100% yay look!




A few little rings for the final touch


One here, one there, we never have enough rings on our fingers! Julie can tell you that! Go for a look in accumulation, without thinking, they all mix and match effortlessly!

Back to school means new collection, new timeless pieces, new favorite jewelry! For this season, the look that is unanimous is the duo with the half moon ring and the Swan labradorite ring. You can also combine the half moon ring with other rings like the unavoidable twisted flower ring! As at yay we are rarely satisfied with just two rings, we complete the set with the Satellite chain ring and the Queen ring, both in cultured pearls. We vary the shapes and materials for a perfect look. And for an even more daring look, we add a little phalanx ring!


September 21, 2022