Today we're back together to talk about something a little different but which is also close to our hearts: entrepreneurship!

Behind yay is Julie Terranova, the creator, and she came back on her adventure in the podcast "Dare to reconvert" of Clervie Rose.

In this podcast, you can learn more about Julie's background, her studies, her passions, her first job, her reconversion, and how yay was built over the years!

Julie explains her first job in advertising, and how the grail of a permanent contract in a big company did not meet her expectations as a young graduate. She decided to quit her job and follow her instinct to devote herself to her passion, creation!

She then goes back to the beginnings of yay, a personal project that became a brand project. She explains how her reconversion was an obvious choice, how she managed the transition and the worries of her relatives and gives some advice to those who would also like to start.

Then, a little review on yay today, Julie explains the different stages of growth, the first recruitments and the transmission to her teams, to manage today a team of 30 people.

Enough talk, we let you listen to how this passion project became a major entrepreneurial project!

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April 11, 2022