Frequently Asked Questions

How to join the yay club loyalty program?


If you have already ordered on the site or purchased in store since January 1, 2022, you are already part of the yay club. If this is not the case, you will automatically join the yay club after your first purchase online or in store or by creating an account on the website.

How do I view my points, my level and my benefits?


Log in to the website and go to your account.

How do I benefit from my gifts and benefits?


Regarding vouchers, you can unlock them from your loyalty account. Remember to log in. Once the voucher has been selected and validated, a promo code will be automatically generated. You can copy/paste it at the payment stage.

For the exclusive Crush jewelry, a promo code will be automatically generated when you use Crush, it will be accessible in the "History and codes" section of your loyalty account. Add the bijou Crush to your basket and enter the code at the payment stage so that the jewel goes to 0€.

For the Big Love tier, we offer personalization of one piece of jewelry per year, please write directly to the WeCare team or on Instagram.

Other benefits will be communicated to you by email throughout the year.

You cannot combine several promo codes at the same time.

How do the bearings work?


Points allow you to cross the different levels. You enter directly into the first level with the first purchase, into the second from 400 points and into the last from 1000 points.
The different levels give you exclusive advantages.
Even if you exchange your points, you cannot go back to the previous level.
You have access to your level and your points summary directly from your loyalty area.

Is this valid in store and on the web?


Yes, everything is linked to your customer account.
Just make sure to always use the same email address so that your web orders and your in-store purchases are counted on the same account and that you accumulate all your points in the same place.

How do I link my store account to my account on the site?


Create an account on the site with the same email address that you gave to our in-store teams during your purchase. The link will be automatic.

Do my gifts and benefits have limited durations?


Vouchers are valid for 3 months. The rest is unlimited.

My last purchase does not appear in my points accumulation, what should I do?


The purchase was not linked to the correct account or a technical error occurred. Please contact our WeCare team here.

I have yay accounts with different email addresses, what should I do?


We can transfer your points to only one account, make sure to always use the same account for your future purchases. To transfer your points, please contact our WeCare team here.